Who are we?

K-Natics is an initiative of two adventurous Dutch men with a passion for travel and outdoor sports.

As avid gadget lovers we realized that buying a good flashlight was not that easy. The choice in different models was huge and technical specifications were hard to compare.

During our endless search we found that it should all be much simpler. With that idea we started our business and developed some new flashlights: flashlights that shine bright, can take a beating and have extra strong batteries with a long life span.

K-Natics was born. Our goal? To create a strong European brand that is reliable and affordable!

Our Products

Thanks to our dedication, commitment and passion, many K-natics flashlights now roll into shopping baskets every day.

With an innovative product line, we stand out from other brands in many ways. Our range is ideal for people who are looking for top quality at a fair price and do not want to get lost in a sea of technical specifications and models.

Our products are inventive yet simple, offer remarkable functionality and have great ease of use.

Every product in our collection is equipped with a modern USB-C connector, making our lamps perfectly matched. In doing so, we also exceed our customers' expectations.

Our Service

We spend a lot of time on product improvements, innovation and expansion of our product range.

To achieve this, the opinion of customers is very important to us. More than satisfactory' is not enough for us. We see 'very good' as the standard! We strive for 100% customer satisfaction and we act accordingly.

We work service oriented in all respects. With a clear explanation, friendly staff, fast response time, neat shipment and fast delivery time you can count on us in all aspects. This has already resulted in many satisfied customers.

Check our reviews on google and trustpilot or check our store score on bol.com and find out why we are so appreciated. Check out our products and get your world lit up again with K-natics!